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Colorado Lemon Law

Wynkoop Law Office, PLLC is a Denver law firm serving clients throughout Colorado. We exclusively represent consumers and emphasize automotive issues including lemon law and auto fraud.


We understand the frustration of owning a lemon.  We have helped consumers across Colorado with their lemons and we can help you.  If your vehicle is under warranty and the manufacturer can not or will not properly repair it, contact us.


If your dispute is with a dealership concerning a vehicle purchase gone bad, contact us.  We have assisted our clients with undisclosed salvage vehicles, yo yo sales, financing and trade in disputes.


Lemon laws differ from state to state.  The Colorado Lemon Law is one of the few lemon laws in the country with a "loser pays" provision.  If you bring a case under the Colorado Lemon Law and lose you could be responsible to the manufacturer for thousands of dollars in attorney fees.  It is important that your attorney be familar with the law and procedure in Colorado. 


Wynkoop & Thomas has succesfully prosecuted more lemon law cases in Colorado than any other firm.  We are Colorado lawyers dedicated to helping Colorado consumers.  Don't trust your case to an out of state attorney that can't find the courthouse.


We are members of the National Association of Consumer Attorneys (NACA), Faculty of Federal Advocates and licenced to practice before the State and Federal Courts of Colorado. 










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