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Lemon Law

When we say "lemon law" we are really talking about two different laws.  The and the . 


The Colorado Lemon Law applies only to passenger cars, trucks and vans sold in Colorado and does not apply to motor homes or motorcycles.  Cases under the Colorado Lemon Law must be brought within one year of delivery from the original selling dealership.


Under the Colorado Lemon Law a vehicle is presumed to be a lemon if it has been subject to repair four or more times for an issue that affects the use and value of the vehicle or, has been out of service for 30 or more business days.


Before bringing a claim under the Colorado Lemon Law the manufacturer must be informed by certified letter and given an opportunity to repair the vehicle.  If your vehicle has been in the shop 3 times for the same problem and is broken again it is important to notify the manufacturer of its last opportunity to repair the vehicle before you bring it in for the fourth time.


If the manufacturer participates in a qualifying alternative dispute resolution process you may be required to submit your claim to that program before filing a lawsuit. 


The Magnuson Moss Warranty Act is more flexible than the Colorado Lemon Law.  It is not limited to one year old cars and only requires that you provide the manufacturer with a reasonable opportunity to repair the vehicle.  If fact, the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act applies to any product which comes with a warranty.  If you have a problem motorcycle or motor home the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act is the law that can help you.


Both the Colorado Lemon Law and the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act apply to leased vehicles.

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